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We have grown from two to 11 bar companies and have practiced in many different practice fields.

Established in 1955


Ehrlich, Petriero, Gudin & Amplifier; Plaza Alupnies is a full-service company that has served Networked and New Jersey all since 1955. Do you need a New Work attorney for business law, commercial litigation, criminal defense, property and tax planning, family law, personal injury and real estate law? (973) Call 828-0203 or visit





If you want to be prosecuted for a second time, these are your lawyers. I had to take them home a little longer because I had not only tented two months ago, but also had to give them back the notice to quit. Two trial sessions result in a different lawyer coming to the court and not knowing what happened. They are all scammers of money. After overcoming the nightmare with Tennent who did not pay the rent, my nightmare increased the loss of $13,000, which is just a 6,000-dollar loss. If you hired me, I learned my lesson well!

12/31/2020 03:52am



I hung up on a simple request. The receptionist was a non-professional SMH. "Christine Speaking," "Are you doing business law?" "What kind of business? (In the most disgusting voice), "I'm asking for help from the founder," "So I have to leave a message for them and listen to what they say." "Do you want to leave a message to you?" "No, wait a minute." "Obviously, when I hung up on the phone because she had a good attitude, I felt good and today I didn't need that negative energy. There are too many lawyers offices with pleasant people to waste too much time and money on bad customer service. If the receptionist is rude, we can imagine how the lawyer is.

12/26/2020 08:42pm