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When the future is in danger, we can't find a lawyer as persistent and reliable as Eric M. Mark. You can rely on my knowledge, rare experience and unwavering dedication to get the best results in each case. Seeking the voice of the criminal defense and the life line of the difficult immigration process, I develop a strong strategy to help my client get the most positive results in my case. I take all the cases seriously and treat all the customers as my only customer. Look to me, look to the case thoroughly and with all zeal, prepare, and discuss it.

He graduated from the law department at Pepperdine University and became a prosecutor in Somerset County, a non-Japanese district. From the investigation stage, I dealt with criminal and juvenile prosecution of all aspects in court. I discussed a number of cases in the Appareto section and submitted a report to the Supreme Court of New Jersey.
When I was a law student, I had a number of experience that helped me gain an appreciation of law and the legal system. I was Heiden, the Federal District Court of Newark, of NJ and NJ, who were legal trainees of the Catherine Mission, and I was a law researcher at the Department of Justice in Israel. The place was written about people of various philosophies and different backgrounds, examples and laws.
I got a bachelor's degree in history and journalism. He graduated from college with honors in the mass media at Rutgers University and graduated with honors. I represented the university with everyone for four years.
In the Immigration Office, he was a criminal defense and drinking.

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Eric is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and sensitive people we have ever met. He was able to examine our situation in detail, ask the appropriate follow-up questions as a goal, and derive multiple options to accommodate our own situation. He handed us a decision process, followed as necessary, and finally won the case with the best possible technology. We can't thank him enough and recommend him if necessary and use him again. Eric, thanks!

01/02/2021 06:09pm



I won't use this lawyer! He is a liar and takes money for no reason. When he was beaten by a prison officer, he told his mother that he would see her in prison for 500 dollars. Mother paid. He did not appear, nor did he appear when I was transferred to a prison in New York. When his mother asked him to return the money, he told her. "Call me back tomorrow. Let's look at my feelings at that time."He has turned off our phone and refused to pay her as much as a penny. Now I have to pay 200 dollars. He wants money for nothing. Don't trust him.

12/31/2020 05:59am