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My motto is a real solution to your real problem with a different perspective. Experience - Over 22 years, I have practiced law. Compassion - My faculty is a degree in psychology, so the stress of litigation can help us understand human conditions when we are in the process of divorce, domestic violence, parental authority, custody, alienation of parents, landlord, tenant, sale or purchase of homes. Zeal - I am trained in my judicial powers in the melting pot of the Prosecutor's Office, so I can try and do your case, and I will do it again. Evaluated - Check the Testimonials from the actual client on the Web site resource page.

Established in 2001


The Boutique Law Company is only practiced in family law and real estate. The company is trying to provide a realistic solution to its problems. Experience - For 25 years, I have implemented the law. Compassion - My department is a degree in psychology, so people's status in the stress of lawsuits can be understood through divorce, domestic violence, parental authority, parental authority of children, alienation of parents, landlord, tenant, and house sales. Zeal - My jurisdiction was trained in the crucible of the Prosecutor's Office, so you can try a simple and complex case. Rated - From your actual client, visit Testimonials on your website. Innovative:- Provides fast video and telephone consultation called Technology Enhanced Consultation or TEC to facilitate legal matter management. You don't have to take a break from work to see me. Use Skype, video, and conference calls to help you with five days a week and three nights a week. With TEC, you can continue to meet me with the information you need to make intelligent, information-based decisions. Please contact us for more information. My job is a big city in the whole state. I have practiced in the following areas. County of New Jersey: Atlantic, Bargain, Cape, May, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunter, Don, Midlesex, Monmouth, Morris, the Sea, Passaix, Somerset, Union. New York County - Suffolk and the Bronx.

Permitted: New Jersey 1992, Pennsylvania 1992, Columbia Special Ward 1994 and New York 2003.

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If this is the same woman that I went to see today. She taught me a little bit of relief and what I can do to help my situation, from people who want help, people who want answers, people who are stuck, and people who leave the office today. I recommend that she represent you.

01/01/2021 06:35pm



Lesley is very experienced and intelligent in family law, but lacks the passion, professionalism and compassion associated with it. She specializes in her field, but she is as capable as a regular general lawyer. She does a good show in court, but it's just acting.
This lawyer is passing in her private life to get your most interest. Regarding my case, even if I pay an additional fee to satisfy it, there was always a personal excuse to avoid legal explanations and strategies. The owner's responsibility is the top excuse for not fulfilling his obligations as a lawyer.
The staff of the secretary and the information staff have been replaced with each other, which is friendly in securing the original retainers. If she is paid in full, she will sit still and wait until she needs more money. This lawyer does not display billing lines periodically.
Don't leave this lawyer behind and throw away the money you've earned over the years. You should invest in the future of your child.

12/30/2020 02:12pm